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I clicked all of it and I'm happy to see you working with DonkeysBazooka on stuff!

You are the stardancer of my dreamhole, Tom.

Yeah youtube is tough for animators, it's a good sharing platform, but not really a good monitization platform. I really want Newgrounds to become the platform it once was, so here's to 2016!

I just wanted to say platform a lot. Cool stuff by the way.

Lyle! So good to hear you're totally on board for this thing! I remember a while ago you made some statement of posting here more, but I know stuff happens and it just didn't work out, whatever, but I had a feeling you WOULD be keeping to it eventually.

I really think YT pissing enough people off could lead to some new golden age for Newgrounds or something.

Huge fan, maybe someday in the future I'll get to provide some VA for you or something!

Good to hear old roots not burnt at the tips to the trunk. Much success to your endeavor's friend; you got good content coming out.

I agree with what you said about youtube catering to whoever could put out videos the quickest.

It's good to see you back on Newgrounds

i read your things on twitter and i laugh at them

Love your content on Youtube, glad to see you here. And yes, Youtube has become a really toxic place for animators and content creators in general, while Newgrounds remains as cozy as always.

Truth be told, after finding out that you're friends with basically everyone that has ever been popular on Newgrounds, I was surprised to see that you never posted stuff, and I'm glad that you're gonna finally start pulling your weight, YOU LITTLE SHIT. Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing your content here.

I think we all feel the same way about everything that has been going on with both newgrounds and youtube. Knowing so many people speak out their concerns and show support fills me with hope.

Why don't you go back to youtube, only REAL artists are allowed here. We don't take kindly to you sellouts

Welcome back, but prepare yourself. Newgrounds may not have as many fags as Youtube, but you'll still get slightly penis'd every now and then.

i've seen a lot of your channel stuff on youtube. are you just copying it to this channel?
i ask, cause i'm sure i saw rip snorting before on a major yt channel before. i think happy hour.
any ways i want to make sure this is legit and you aren't ripping some one else off.

no offence, but its a funny series, and i just want the creator to get his just rewards.

Yeah I wondered what was up with you and I'm glad you managed to get out of things you were doing before they became sellout trash and seeing your voice here again is quite something

I loved rip snorting I watched them all several times. btw If your looking to hire a new animation guy I would be super interested.